No one need be defined by their disability.

The total distance is 3500km and will take 60 days to complete.

Team Forces of Nature will kayak across the South American continent from Nauto (Peru) through the Amazon basin in Brazil to the Atlantic coast.

The team will set off in the middle of August 2021. This will ensure a positive amount of water flow and plenty of camping options along the river banks. Once the team have all arrived at the start line and are acclimatised to the jungle, they will head for the Peruvian/Brazilian border (7-10 days). From that point they will endure approximately 6 weeks of what every the jungle will throw at them.

For the first 2700km the river will be flowing continuously downstream allowing the kayakers to paddle for 10hrs a day, coving 50-60km. Once the team reaches Obidos, the river becomes tidal for the last 800km. This will restrict the team to paddling every 6 hours until they reach the mouth of the river.

The main risk and danger to be expected are pirates and robbers. There are plenty of examples in the past of people being shot at if not murdered. Security is the number one priority!

The team will vote for the position of skipper and 2nd in command after adequate training.

The tidal element will bring more risk to an already dangerous adventure. Wind against tide can cause capsize. As the river will be wide enough, from this point on for large ships to navigate so the team will be negotiating their way through an increased amount of traffic.

Our Charity

Through social activities and challenges, The Not Forgotten combats the causes of isolation and loneliness; a blight that adversely affects so many wounded, injured and sick service personnel and disabled members of the Armed Forces community.

A tri-service charity founded in 1920, they support over 10,000 wounded service personnel and disabled veterans each year – no matter their Service, age, campaign, injury or illness – through a programme of Royal events, respite holidays and outings, concerts and the provision of televisions, television licences and tablet computers.

Each of these events and activities is designed to enhance mental and physical wellbeing, restore confidence, boost morale and improve the chances of these individuals and their families enjoying a normal, if not better, life. The therapeutic effect of time spent with like-minded individuals not only creates lifelong friendships, but an invaluable environment in which service personnel and veterans support one another.