Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, numerous western countries have rallied behind Ukraine, extending their support through humanitarian, financial, and military aid. The United Kingdom has emerged as the second-largest contributor, having pledged a £4.6 billion in military assistance to Ukraine thus far. 

Despite facing a cost-of-living crisis, the British public has overwhelmingly embraced the country’s involvement in aiding Ukraine, recognizing the danger of direct military intervention by NATO. While the financial assistance provided by Britain enjoys significant popular support, it is essential to shed light on the human cost borne by Ukrainian service personnel engaged in a conflict that falls beyond our direct involvement. 

To row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canaries to the Caribbean as a joint team of 2 Ukrainian Wounded & Injured Soldiers (WIS) and 2 British WIS. 

  • To raise awareness of the human cost of the war in Ukraine borne solely by Ukrainian service personnel. 
  • To celebrate the unity and comradeship between Ukrainian and British WIS. 
  • To raise £150,000 for the INVICTUS Games Foundation, ringfenced for Ukrainian WIS to enable rehabilitation through sport and adventure. 

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Lee is a former Royal Marine single leg amputee who holds 4 Guinness World Records for Ocean Rowing. 

In January 2019, Lee set off from Portimão, Portugal to attempt rowing solo and unsupported from mainland Europe to mainland South America. 60 days, 16 hours and 6 minutes later, he rowed into Cayenne, French Guiana not only becoming the first physically disabled person to do so and completing the longest solo row of any disabled person, he beat the able bodied record by an astonishing 36 days: A further 3 Guinness World Records.

Dmytro is a Ukrainian ocean rowing boat builder born in Lviv and has over 19 years’ experience in building ocean rowing boats and has been a mainstay in the British Ocean rowing community since 2006. Dmytro, a proud Ukrainian has followed the war with obvious personal interest with many friends and family living there and involved in fighting.

Ivan was Born in Lviv, Ukraine and before the Russian invasion, Ivan worked as a Geologist and a cyber security analyst. On the outbreak of war Ivan volunteered for service in the Marine Corps where he fought on the front line. In 2022, Ivan was injured in combat three times, the third of which was extremely serious requiring medical treatment in Lyon, France. 

Andy Joined the Royal Marines in June 1984 and served for over 25 years retiring as WO 2nd Class, Sergeant Major. Andy served on Operational tours of Africa, Belize, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Northern Ireland and volunteered for Special Duties. 

Andy is a volunteer Lifeboat Crewman on Tower Lifeboat on the River Thames.

Diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in March 2016, he climbed Mt Blanc in June 2017 and raised £60,000 for the MS Trust and Royal Marines Charity. A committed charity fundraiser, he is looking forward to the challenge of rowing an ocean and raising as much money and awareness as he can for a great cause.

Sam was born in Zarichne, Rivne, Ukraine, graduated from Lviv’s Law Faculty at Ivan Franko University and then worked as a construction site manager. 

Sam’s joined the Territorial Defence near Lviv Airport in February 2022, straight after the Russian invasion. In August 2022, whilst operating near the town of Mar’inka in the Donetsk region with Special Operations Forces, Sam initiated an anti-personnel mine, losing a large part of his foot. Whilst recovering in March 2023, Sam learnt of the death of two tow close friends, Andrii, and Vasyl. 

Igor joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2009 and then deployed to the Luhanska region and then the Donetska region, where he sustained a concussion in an intense artillery battle. In January 2017, Igor was injured by an anti-infantry mine that resulted in the amputation of his right leg below the knee. After rehabilitation, he mentored young officers in training and in 2018, Igor made the difficult decision to leave the army.

Igor and his elder brother Yaroslav, an officer in the Ukrainian army, dreamed of buying a yacht and sailing the Ocean together when the war is over. Yaroslav has been missing in action since April 2023. He was fighting the Russians in Bahmut.

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